Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 2012: Groceries

Well, folks, I went to the local grocery and picked up a few things.

S=Sale item

S 2 bags frozen green beans
S 5 bags frozen peas
S 2 bags frozen corn
S 1 bag mixed vegetables (that was all they had! If they'd had broccoli, I would have gotten a lot of it as well.)

4 frozen burritos for hubby

S 1 carton ice cream

2 packages tortillas so hubby could make more burritos/kids would eat bbq pork roast rolled up in them

1 box black tea
S pack of lemon sandwich cookies

Total came to $25.36

Last week's Big Shop left me with $137.45 - 25.36 = $112.09 left for the rest of the month

Yes, I did resort to buying wheat stuff (burritos, tortillas, cookies)....this is harder than it looks! Old habits die hard, I guess.

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