Monday, May 7, 2012

What's Happening on Augsburger Farm: May 2012

This weekend, I went outside and took a pics of what's happening at Augsburger Farm.

The irises are blooming beautifully. They always remind me of my Grandma. :)

Blackberries, wild or not, are blooming all over the place.  Butterflies and a couple bees were at work here.

One of the kitties, Sweet Pea, is contentedly watching the robins hop about on the grass.

Orange Poppies. Short-lived flower, but I love them!

Chives blooming in the  herb garden, with mounds of Oregano behind them, Lemon Balm to the right, and Walking Onions in the back. I really need to get out there and finish up whatever I am going to do in the herb garden this year!

In the main garden, the 5 Color Silverbeets/Chard are coming along. Also, I transplanted some sunflowers and Florellenschluss Lettuce that came up volunteer in the garden. I hope to get the garden planted by the end of next weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!

In case  you're wondering.....I neglected the poor indoor-planted chives and they died. :( So, the outside ones are definitely faring better.

I discovered either some volunteer Zucchini or Butternut Squash coming up. I am trying to decide whether to let it grow, just to see how it turns out, or to get rid of it.  Since I had both types planted in the garden last year, chances are pretty good that this is a cross. They might grow edible squash, or they might not.

And...what my kids tell me is "The King's Moon" was out the other night. They took this pic.

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