Friday, September 9, 2011

BaxAura Update

Today I went in for an allergy/BaxAura appointment. I told how I was feeling the last couple weeks. (rather yucky, if you've not been keeping up with my posts)

So she ran the computer test while I was holding the metal rod. Still fighting with Chenopods (not Ragweed or Nettle) and the ileocecal valve<--I suspect this might be related to my cycles/hormones, though I didn't ask.

When the doc went to do some preliminary muscle testing, she found that I couldn't be muscle tested at first, due to my polarity being blocked. We are not sure why this happened, but it has happened once in the past with the other chiro, when I first started AAT.  The first attempt at resetting my polarity didn't work (rubbing lymph area of the upper left chest), testing with a couple of different vials didn't bring anything up (I'm sorry, I didn't read what they were), but once she rubbed the point between my eyebrows, that seemed to fix the problem enough to be able to muscle test. (I really need to learn/remember the names of these acupuncture points, lol!)

Weird. Apparently, people who have problems wearing watches because they run the battery down so quickly have problems with their polarity as well. "Normal" polarity has one side of the arm with a positive charge, and the other with a negative charge, but the people with polarity issues will have the same charge on both sides of the arm.  The phenomena of the full moon causing lots of people to end up in emergency rooms is also related to this polarity thing.

It sounds sort of "out there" to my ears, but knowing that our bodies operate using electric charges, I suppose it's not a wholly "supernatural" thing. 

Just out of curiosity, the doc is going to look back and see if anything significant occurred around August 17 as far as the earth's polarity, the time this year and last year that my allergies really started acting up (and quite close to the same time the years before). 

I believe she is also going to contact the BaxAura people to see, if I am having problems with polarity, whether my body will know what to do with the homeopathics, which operate with polarity/specific charges.


Michelle said...

Interesting. My allgeries are worse every year in the fall as far as I can remember. The full moon wacked me last night. I have been hung over all day! :-) oops. Watermelon vodka's yum and now ouch. I noticed the moon last night. It looked like the harvest moon. I just looked it up and yes Monday Sept 12 was the full harvest moon! and ouch again! :-)

Tanya said...

I have to agree that the moon was beeeeautiful the last couple nights! Last night I caught a glimpse of it between the curtains and wanted to step outside and gaze at it, but got sidetracked with putting kids to bed and missed it! I'm so bummed! Maybe tonight...
My fall allergies are so much better than they were mid-to-late August. I'd gone back for the BaxAura appt(topic of this blog post) and got re-situated there, plus I got over what I suspected was fighting something (a cold?) the kids brought home from school. They've all had minor flareups of sore throat last week. Mine got fairly bad Saturday night/Sunday, and my nose ran like crazy and my body just had this "feel" or "sense" of This is Different than Allergies, know what I mean? Anyway, since then it's like I've stepped out into the sunshine from a dismal cave!
Yay for feeling better!
I'm even thinking about going out and mowing or tackling the garden...sometime this might be too much with what all else I have going one!