Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Food Journal 9-13-11

I would like to keep track of what I am eating, both to help others who are on a similar diet and might need ideas, and to rein myself in on days that I just want to eat-eat-eat!

Today, this is what I'm eating. I will be adding as the day goes on.

~Decaf Frontier Bulk Loose Leaf Ceylon Tea with local honey and milk

~Omelet made using pastured butter in the cast iron pan, 3 local pastured eggs, and a couple pieces of Muenster cheese.
~Cup of hot PG Tips Loose TeaPG Tips Tea - Loose Leaf - 250g - 8.8oz, with local honey and Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss (this was way too sweet!-didn't think about the added sugar when I put the honey in at first...) I picked up the Natural Bliss at the grocery because it was the closest I could get to half 'n half without the nasty throat-burning additives in most half 'n halfs..  Ingredients are: nonfat milk, heavy cream, sugar, natural flavors. Not sure what the natural flavors are/contain, but I don't get the throat/gut issues with this product...worth the risk, but not sure I will choose it over whole milk next time.

~Large glass of Filtered Water (using our Big Berkey with ceramic filters)
~Cup of nasty, gross coffee (gotta remember to set the grinder right next time!)
~Bowl of Dahl Soup over Brown Rice

~ 2 GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars-made using the Nestle Tollhouse recipe and subbing Bob's All-Purpose GF Baking Flour for the flour in the recipe
~Glass of 2% rbgh-free milk (Meyer brand this time)

~Bowl of Healing Turkey Veggie Soup (I used turkey bone broth from the freezer, a couple shiitake mushrooms, and added astragalus as it was simmering for 2 hours)

~Glass of 2% rbgh-free milk
~multivitamin, probiotic, omega 3

Before Bedtime:
~Glass of water

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