Monday, August 1, 2011

Allergies: Presenting Differently After Alternative Treatments?

Have you had allergy treatments with AAT, BioAllergenix, or Bax Aura? If so, have you noticed that your allergies seem to be presenting differently?

I asked my chiro whether other patients have had this experience.  I have noticed this in myself and have seen it mentioned on various online boards, and finally had the presence of mind to ask this the other day, since I had no other pressing issues at the time.

Her answer was that often the noticeable symptoms of the allergy that bring people to seek out treatment are addressed with the treatments, but that as the cause of those symptoms are addressed, there are often other underlying issues that are brought to light. Things that you may not have noticed when you were dealing with the other allergy issues.  As treatment progresses, you address the cause of those "new?" symptoms, and so on, until you get to the bottom of things.

What this translates to for me is that the hayfever I remember having since I was a very young child, that progressed to multiple food allergies, year-round indoor allergies, chronic sinus problems and gut problems is what brought me to the point of seeking out more than a mere pill for treatment. (A pill that didn't work by that time, anyway.)

When I began seeking treatment with AAT, then BioAllergenix, these treatments took care of many of the food and environmental allergies (ie. most of my hayfever symptoms and sinus problems).  Once these symptoms had been gone for the most part, I started to notice a "something's in my throat" feeling here and there.  My family doctor ordered a thyroid test (which came out perfectly fine) and chalked it up to GERD/reflux/heartburn and told me to take Pepcid. 

I wasn't happy with the "take a pill" solution to my throat problem; I wanted to get to the source of the problem rather than slap a band-aid on it...a band-aid that could bring some long-term health problems if used regularly.  Having had the experience of keeping a food journal and keeping track of symptoms, I noticed a correlation between tomatoes grains and the throat feeling in my throat.  When I stayed away from those things, the throat issue would go away. With internet research on WebMd and online medical journals, I learned about Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  While I don't have the means to pursue an actual diagnosis, the end result would be the same for me were I given that diagnosis: avoidance of known allergens/triggers. (The other alternative would be swallowing, rather than inhaling, the contents of a steroid inhaler. Something I would consider only as a last resort.)

So that is what I am doing: avoiding gluten and tomatoes.And trying to eat healthily and maintain a healthy gut.

My body is apparently working deeper on this allergy issue. According to the chiro, there is a good chance that I had problems even as a child. They were just not recognized at that time (EE is a relatively newly-discovered and named disorder; one that is alarmingly rising in our young children).  With food and environmental allergies on both sides of my family, I would not be surprised if that were the case.

So, there's that.  I wanted to just set that out there in case anyone was wondering. :)

Here's to better health! 


Andy and Kiara said...

Hi! I ran across your posts when doing research on AAT & BAX3000, and whether people feel it really works. It seems we're doing a combo. The doctor uses the Bax3000 combined with muscle testing to list the allergies. Then, with my kiddos' hands on a box getting a signal from the computer, and a vibrating massager on his or her back, he treats the allergens. They then fast (water only) for 3 hours. It treats a group at once -- sometimes up to 5 pages of foods! I've been afraid to test it too much so far, but my son's eczema is healing more than it would if we were using steroid creams. We're treating 2 of our children. One has EE & EGE (noticed you mentioned it here) and he's allergic to almost all foods. (He has 12 safe foods.) Both kids have behavioral issues connected with tons of food sensitivities. The FAILSAFE diet has changed our lives (by Sue Dengate), but it's difficult to follow. We're praying for a major breakthrough here! :) I haven't started blogging about it yet, but will at some point, if you're interested.

Tanya said...

Hi guys! :)
Glad to hear from you and to hear part of your story as you figure out how to deal with allergies/sensitivities/etc.

I think AAT and the BAX3000 and the like are always learning more about the effects of stress on the body and ways to help our bodies respond more appropriately. I wish it was more...what's the word...not regulated, but the same across the board so that results could be better monitored and improved. In my conversations with others going to similar places, it seems they all vary somewhat in how to do the procedures. I know that my chiro has gone to regular events where these things are discussed, and she commented awhile back as to how the company(BioVeda in this case) was very particular as to how things should be done to achieve optimal results.

For whatever reason, practitioners seem to vary on how they do it...

I have not found the treatments to be a cure-all. However, I have definitely found that they helped me to come out on the other side of the misery I was going through at the time, something that the avoidance diets and allergy shots were not helping me to do.

As a result of my allergy experiences, I am driven to know my food and pay attention to my body's response, and I am constantly on the lookout for the best way to treat my body and that of my family.

I hope that my kids won't end up with my problems. I only have so much control over that, but I hope that in what I do, it will help them to have healthier bodies. I'm sure you probably feel the same way and have similar thoughts. :)

Thanks for reading!