Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BaxAura Update, 4 weeks after treatment

I am still taking my homeopathic sprays. I still have some intermittent allergy symptoms, so I suspect I am still in the healing stages.  I'm doing surprisingly well, considering I am not taking any allergy medication other than the homeopathic and it's peak allergy season. I do wish, though, that I didn't have these "spells" and have to rely on the sprays 3 times a day (or more--there's been a few times I have taken an extra dose rather than resort to antihistamines)...

I do have to say that I am doing better than 4 weeks ago, before I did the BaxAura treatment (having had AAT a few years ago, and BioAllergenix through the last year +). The treatment seems to have reached more than the other two systems for me (or the not having to avoid all the pollens is a big positive compared to the other systems).  Previous to the BaxAura treatment, I found myself reaching for the Claritin or Zyrtec as I approached (my) peak allergy month, but I haven't done that since the BaxAura treatment.

Editing to add: We had our annual Awana Carnival last night.  3 and 4 years ago, before treatments, it was horrible. Constant itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, feeling hot/flushed, tired, itchy skin, etc. And this was while taking daily Claritin.   Last year (after BioAllergenix treatments) was better, though not perfect by any means. I was newly pregnant and it was hotter this time of year last year. This year, I went inside a few times for a tissue and had one small flareup of itchy throat, but it was nothing near the years previous. I was worried, the whole time (and have been this whole season) that it wasn't going to work at all. But it seems to have worked/be working fairly well, especially considering I'm not taking anything other than my vitamins and the homeopathics.

One of the worst times of day for me is first thing in the morning. For some reason, that time of day usually includes itchy throat for me, but is usually remedied once I get something to eat or drink. I sometimes wonder if it's a conditioned response, after living so long with allergies and having this happen....I do find that if I can control to urge to "give in" to the itching, that it passes much more quickly. Probably because I'm not rubbing the roof of my mouth with my tongue and triggering more histamine production in my body.  I do find that this itchy throat phenomenon is more noticeable if I have eaten something "questionable" the day/night before. (By questionable, I mean something with gluten, the dreaded GMO corn-->soda, or lots of junk food/food with lots of additives.)

My next appointment is on Saturday, so I will see where we are from there. I would be willing to bet that I am "still working on it" and will need a refill of the spray(which should take me through the rest of the allergy season)...hopefully I won't be asked to spend more on it, as I simply can't afford to do so.

If it's suggested that I get another BaxAura treatment, I will probably:
1. Opt for staying inside more (hard to do out in the country, trying to pick and prepare our own food);
2. Taking antihistamines when I plan on going out a lot, and
3. Being even more picky about what I eat, especially in regards to gluten and GMO's.
Much as I would love to pursue further treatment with the BaxAura, sometimes the almighty dollar wins. Unfortunately.

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