Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BaxAura Update, 3 weeks after treatment

Today marks week 3 after my BaxAura treatment.  I am still taking the homeopathic sprays 3 times a day or so.

The last week or so has felt weird to me, weather-wise. Maybe I expect August to be horrible every month, but this year it's actually rather enjoyable. The weather is cooling, and even though the local pollen levels on are Medium-High (8.2 today on a 12 point scale), I only have short-lived itchy throat ever so often. I am definitely not going through the tissues like I have in past years.

Last year, when I'd had the BioAllergenix treatments, was better than the previous years. This year, I think the BaxAura has reached the things the Bax3000 hadn't been able to reach.  Maybe because I did not need to fully avoid the stuff after the treatment. I think the avoidance period required with AAT/BioAllergenix is one problem I have  had with the many different pollens/molds: I can't completely avoid them when I live in a 100 year old farmhouse!

I am still going through the healing process after my BaxAura treatment(taking the homeopathics). I hope it improves even more and maybe I won't need the homeopathic in the future. As it stands, even if I do need to get a bottle of homeopathic each year, this is working far better than antihistamines ever worked for me in August before!

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