Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Update

I just thought I would do a little picture garden update.
I really need to get on the ball and do more with the stuff that's out in the garden.

I dub this The Year of the Cucumber, as I have made at least 5 batches of freezer pickles, plenty of Cucumbers and Onions, and have been slicing them and pawning them off to my children as the Snack of the Day . Speaking of which, I need to go out and pick again today and make some more pickles, since cucumbers are getting a bit old these days!

There are also Royal Burgundy Green Beans and Beets(and Beet Greens) calling my name out there. If I cut the Basil back (which I let flower to attract insect--yeah, that's it, lol), I can make more to put in the freezer...and maybe some pesto if I go get some gluten-free pasta one of these days...and a good recipe.

I tried making Gluten-free Zucchini Brownies using my own recipe(and my own not-quite-huge-zucchini)....just came out of the oven, so the jury is still out on that one...but they smell delicious!

Here's my Red Kale...eaten by worms. :-/ If I had the chickens now, they would be feasting on these....I will try planting a new row of this soon...and will pull most of the leaves off of these plants in the effort to give them a second chance at making food for us.  I've heard a lot online about Kale Chips and want to try that at least once this year.

A butterfly on the volunteer Borage among the Red Kale.

This Kale is the plant that overwintered last year....I don't know much about Kale--is it too big to harvest? The worms seem to have left this plant pretty much alone and gone for the younger Kale.

A close-up of the big okra plants. I'm not sure, though, that we will be getting much Okra this year.  The weather is already cooling down substantially and we planted a month later than last year!

The Okra in front of our Sweet Corn (which is hubby's domain) is doing the best--last year there was squash in this area.

One of my little Buttercup Squash, the vines of which have sprawled across the grass. I am scratching my head a bit, as this was supposed to be a bush plant!

There is more out Elderberries for one....and hubby's "other garden" that I haven't looked into yet...


Michelle said...

Garden looks good. I wish I would have taken pictures of mine. I just tilled it yesterday and put in lettuce, radishes, turips, and a few onions. We had wild onions growing most all winter last year, so I am thinking I should be able to grow them in the garden all winter. I put a few in so we'll see.....

Tanya said...

I need to get back out there and see what's going on in the garden and do an update! :)
I'd like to have hubby till at least part of it so that I can try some cooler weather crops in fresh soil....or maybe I will have to figure out how to use the big tiller(little one is in the shop).
Your onion comment reminds mom gave me some "Walking Onions" last time I was in CO and I put them in my (rather neglected) herb garden....I need to go check on them!