Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bax Update: I am Struggling

I am at 6 weeks after my treatment with the BaxAura. I am really struggling with the environmental allergies lately, even taking the homeopathics. Pollen counts have been in the 9.8 area (on a 12 point scale), HIGH. According to, the culprits are Ragweed, Chenopods, and Nettles.  What is bothering me the most is my eyes, which is a new thing in the last week once the pollen counts got to the High point.  I haven't had this severe of eye allergies for a long time. :(

There has been a few nights that I have resorted to Tylenol PM so that I can sleep ....and Benadryl or Zyrtec some days when I *have* to function, albeit through a medicated fog. The last time I took Zyrtec, it only made my congestion worse so I don't know that I will be doing THAT again anytime soon.   Besides that, Zyrtec makes me feel weird...

This is the worst time of year and is horrible for most allergy people. I do have to say that it's better in comparison to other years, but still, I could really do without any allergies at all.  I've had hayfever my whole life as far as I can remember, so maybe there are just some things that the Bax systems (the Bax3000 and the BaxAura) can't treat and have results right away (or ever).  Maybe I am just still working through it/healing.....  Alternative medicine has done wonders for me as far as foods go, as well as the molds around my house, and most of the summer I have done well without any antihistamines (until August).

I just can't seem to kick these fall allergies.  I want to go outside and enjoy the cooler fall days and the beautiful weather and in the garden, mow the lawn, haul wood...walk, even, but I still pay for it to some extent if I do so.


Maybe I should move to Antarctica.


River Glorious said...

No corn in Antartica! ;)

I'm hoping that "when my ship comes in" I'll be able to buy a personal air purifier. Well, maybe one for my DD first.

Kristi said...

Ugg! I didn't like to hear this Tanya! I am glad to hear though that you still feel like it has helped you and worked for the foods. I would be a little discouraged for the sake of Kaden if you had changed and thought the system did not work. Hannah said Kaden's foods were all cleared up (besides gluten) but he still showed some environmental allergies but she just changes his spray does not re-treat. My husband got treated too but is miserable right now with environmental stuff too but he has only been a couple weeks out so wonder if it takes longer before it's fully effective for him?

Hope this allergy season passes quickly for you!


Tanya said...

So sorry to be discouraging to you! I do feel that it has helped immensely for foods. (except for gluten/tomatoes, as I posted--for which it's helped but I still have some issues sometimes and am working through them)
From what little I have read/heard, the BaxAura treatments take a little longer to "take", hence the homeopathics they give you afterwards as an aid in the process.
I have a feeling that my enviro stuff that has been lifelong is rooted so deep that it is going to take a long time to fully address. I mean, I've fought with severe hayfever for 1/3 of a century--I don't know that I can expect an overnight "I'm cured!" miracle--unless, of course, the Lord sees fit. (Please, Lord?)
My enviro allergies *are* better, just not "completely cured", does that make sense?

I'm wanting to give people a completely honest report of my experience though. This post is one of my "down days". Sorry that it isn't all good news!