Saturday, August 20, 2011

RECIPE: Making Kale Chips

I have been seeing Kale Chips being talked about on many different sites on the internet.

So, seeing as I have a huge Kale plant in my garden that I am not entirely sure how to get into my family's stomach, I decided to try making them.

Here's the steps:
1. Pick your kale, either from the grocery store or your garden. I liked the crinkle-leafed variety better than the flat-leafed variety for this recipe.
2. Wash/rinse the Kale leaves, then dry with a clean kitchen towel.
3. Tear off chip-sized pieces, leaving the hard stem to put in the compost bin or give to the chickens.
4. Using oiled hands (I used Extra-Light-Tasting Olive Oil this time), rub oil into each piece and place on a cookie pan that has a sheet of foil on top of it.
5. Sprinkle with salt.
6. Bake at 375* for 10-15 minutes.
Watch closely--you want the edges browned and when you shake the pan they should slide around. You don't want limp kale chips, but you don't want charred kale dust either.

The verdict:
I thought they were pretty tasty. My oldest child thought they were "weirdly good/kinda bad", my second oldest ate one but made it clear he did not want another (my picky boy-give him points for at least trying one), and my daughter keeps going back for more. Hubby wasn't home to try them, and I ate what the kids didn't eat.

For some reason, my camera was on the fritz when I tried taking pics. This is as good as it gets until I try making them again:


JayLeigh said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! When I get some kale, I'll love to try this. :) I liked hearing what your children thought of it. :D

Michelle said...

I made a bunch of kale chips in my dehydrator. I had to soak the kale in salt water to get the worms off. :-) I made a marinade of grapeseed oil, acv, honey, onion, garlic in my blender. I mixed them in my large canning pan. Very good.

Tanya said...

I need to go back out there, now that my allergies are better, and see if I have any kale worth trying this out with again! I shied away from a lot of oil/sugary stuff the first time, but I might try something more adventurous next time! :)