Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How does the BaxAura work?

I asked the chiro for a layman's explanation of how the BaxAura does its job.

I didn't bring my handy dandy notebook to my appointment, so I hope she will forgive me (and chime in, perhaps, if she reads this) if I mess up the explanation. :)

So, here goes.

When the cuff is on the arm and the scan is running on the computer, the computer sends a digital signal to the nervous system  of many, many different items and measures the body's response. This is not only for allergens, but for anything to which one's body could be having an abnormal response.  As the computer runs through the test, it tags each item that the body responds abnormally strong to, and puts it on a list.

When the laser light is used for the treatment, your own personal list of allergens is loaded into the machine, and the full signal is sent to the nervous system. At the same time, there is a signal the body associates with euphoria that is sent through the laser light. 

So, the full signal of the treatment is being sent along with a euphoric ("this is good") signal to encourage the body to associate the things on your list with good, not with the prior "this is bad", negative response.  This alleviates undue stress on the body and overall health.

The homeopathic bottles given for use after the BaxAura treatment are given a homeopathic digital dose of your allergens/items that came up in the testing. So, for instance, if your full dosage of item X with the laser light was 888, your homeopathic dose would be 8. The homeopathic dosage is a "baby dose" of the full laser light treatment dosage. This homeopathic is what you use during the weeks after treatment to aid the body's healing after your initial laser treatment with the BaxAura.

I hope this helps you to understand somewhat how the BaxAura system works.

Here's to better health!


n said...

is it painful/ is there a die-off period?

Tanya said...

There is no pain during the scan or during treatment.
I'm not sure what you are referring to as a die-off period, other than maybe you are comparing it to, say, a Candida die off period?
I was a little tired afterwards, and had a few minor bouts of itchy throat/skin off and on, but that's about it.
Is that what you were looking for?